Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Samurai!!


This is a re-write of an earlier post, now with more details and better pictures.

MRF is a company here in Japan that wants to create a fast past samurai skirmish game in 32mm.

The models are based off of designs from Suwahara Hiroyuki 諏訪原 寛幸 (Japanese name order). He is a Japanese illustrator who has worked on Koei Video games like Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors,  Kessen etc.  Suwahara Hiroyuki's homepage (Japanese)
Koei gameography (English)

The actual sculpting and production is being done by Andrea Miniatures.

The game system is currently being designed and I couldn't get any details to share but I can say that the Japanese have their own way of romanticizing samurai history which has constantly been a huge hit in the west. I am personally hoping for a 32mm scale version of the Samurai Warriors video game haha, but we'll have to wait and see :-)

I took some of the photos MRF had posted to Cool Mini or Not and will re-post them here:

武将列伝 (ぶしょうれつでん) The Lives of the Bushō