Thursday, August 16, 2012

15mm Japanese buildings 15mmスケール戦国時代の家屋

Hello everyone!

I'd like to share some photos of these wonderful buildings I bought from Oshiro Model Terrain.

The proprietor there is a professional architectural modeler who takes great care to bring an industry level of quality to wargaming terrain.

He not only does 15mm and 28mm samurai buildings, but also boxer rebellion figurines and commissions of all periods and scales.

Definitely check it out!

These are for 15mm scale warring states period Japan.

They are made of resin and came pre-painted. 


この間Oshiro Model Terrainで買った戦国時代のウォーゲーム用の家屋を紹介したいと思います。

建築模型家の方が 作っているので細かいところまで本物らしく作られています。

この家屋は15mmスケールのゲーム用ですが、Oshiro Model Terrain義和団の乱のフィギュアやいろいろなジャンルとスケールのミニチュアの建物を販売しています。



Yadoya 宿屋 (JP15-03) and Small Town House (JP15-04)

Large (JP15-06) and Medium Town House (JP15-07)

Odou お堂 (JR15-01) and Torii 鳥居 (NR15-01)

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