Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Russian Field Officer Showcase ・Next Project

Perry 28mm Russian Field Officer ペリー・ミニチュアの28mm露帝国軍の騎馬佐官

I finished the base today, and tried something a little bit different than normal.

Using the advice from one of the West Tokyo Wargamers I used crushed coral for the rocks on the base (as well as balast).

I painted that all brown first like usual, but then I went back over the rocks in a gray color, and I really like how that looks.

Also, I did not use any static grass or flock, but instead just put a few tufts here and there.

For my next project I'm going to be moving back to samurai.

This model is from Urban Mammoth's game Urban War. He is official called a Triad Boss I think, but to be honest I hate it when people mixed Chinese and Japanese culture for no reason, so I'm going to call him Cyberpunk Samurai.

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