Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bamboo!! ウォーゲーミング用の竹(背景)

Finally I have made my first prototype!!


This is the reason I had not posted in several days :-)


I would like to thank Shallow Diver for the original inspiration on how to make this kind of bamboo tree.



  1. Got to tell you that I think that has come out REALLY nice. Put two or three together and you will have a really nice-looking Bamboo grove!
    Good work!

  2. Thank you Squeek!!!

    It is my dream to perfect bamboo groves :-) Japanese terrain just doesn't look right without them.

    now I just have to make 100 more of them X-o

  3. went to the link, but not sure how to find the tutorial. As long as you are making 100 more, want to document this? Do you know of the Ronin forum?

  4. Hi Kokigami sorry for the late reply.

    The link is to the home page of the man who showed me how to make the tree while I was at a convention here in Japan. He showed me in person how he had made his slightly larger scale bamboo, and I made this piece using the same technique but smaller.

    I'm going to have to streamline the technique before I can make the amount would be needed to really achieve a bamboo grove effect but once I do I will definitely share that on the ronin forums!